Storm Restoration

Every year destructive and costly storms impact metropolitan areas across the United States; which hurricanes and tornados tend to get all the press because of the impressive footage of storms in action and of the aftermath of destruction to structures, which soon follow. However it is the hailstorms, which end up doing the most costly damage every year. Within a 30-minute period a hailstorm can cause as much as One Billion Dollars worth of damage. In most cases this damage does not contain the urgency that follows other types of flood or wind-related storms. This is because the impact of a hailstone creates granular loss on roofs, which does not affect its function immediately and damage to the siding, gutters, and painting is mainly aesthetic damage. Therefore immediate repairs are usually not necessary and the hail damage work demand is spread out for up to 2 to 3 years after the storm. This allows our insurance restoration representatives to work on one storm for up to 2 or even 3 years after it's arrival.

The insurance restoration process for homeowners can be very time consuming and frustrating. All Pro Construction Experts's representative’s will work hard to make this process as smooth as possible.

Hail Restoration

Hail causes $1 billion in damage to crops and property each year. The costliest hailstorm in the United States was in Denver in July 1990 with damage of $625 million. According to the Institute for Business & Safety, one of the most vulnerable spots for your home is the roof. One hazard most homeowners can expect to face at some point is hail. Compared to earthquakes and hurricanes, hail might seem like a minor concern. True, hailstorms don't cause the loss of life, but they can shatter windows, leave pockmarks in siding and, most important, destroy or damage roof coverings. Hail damage can occur in almost any thunderstorm.

Hurricane Restoration

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